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The legendary Mikelangelo, remarkable voice, outstanding quiff and he is actually that charming and genuine all the time.

He is playing a one night only show at Brunswick Music Festival in the Brunswick Uniting Church. Details Here my friends. Friday March 7th

Cut Throat on the Street shit hot Accessories hand made in Melbourne by garbage pail kid Aaron Luke Simpson. Follow the slime trail at any good festival to find his stall or contact him directly via this link : EYEBALLSLIME

Modelled by the handsome Glenn Leggy Van Blond :D and Make up by Zian Reyn. You can check out her work here: BLUE.LIP.BABEZ

Thank you glenn and Zian, you were a dream to work with.


I have been wanting to photograph this wonderful person for so long, and finally a project came up that called for his stunning face.

Styling by the ever amazing Jessica Hill.

Jess has given me never ending advice and assistance on my shoots, i feel very lucky to have her on board.

Callan and Jess will both be making appearances at FLAWLESS this Friday 16th of August. Callan will be whipping out his amazing dance skillz and Jess will be on the decks as DJ Estee Louder

                 THE SOVEREIGN WIFE by SISTERS GRIMM (MTC Neon Festival)

Two days notice, access to MTC’s props and costume department (the dusty and busted section) and an extensive and desperate search for an ‘australiana’ back drop ending at 3am party times with the discovery of someones excellent taste in quilt covers.

Of course this amazing whilrwind of a tastefully styled publicity photoshoot is a collaboration with the delightful Sisters Grimm and stylist/costume designer Owen Phillips.

The Sovereign Wife is part of the MTC Neon Festival and is on from July 11th - July 21st.

Half of the shows have sold out already, so id recommend getting in fast.

'Taking inspiration from The Man From Snowy River, Baz Luhrmann's Australia, and the spellbinding artwork of Ken Done, it is a wild bush-doof through our national identity. '

Nicole Jones - Triple R announcer. 102.7 FM        Click On Images to View

Nicole Jones, host of Monday nights beloved 'Local and/or General’.  This is a program that brought to the rrr community quality, new Australian (and NZ) music program focusing on local emerging artists, with interviews, live in-studio performances and regular guests.  Jones is imbedded in the rich Melbourne Music scene and often brought a unique twist to interviews and introductions of her musical guest, which was loved by her large listener fan base.

Jones started out as a volunteer at RRR, taking on graveyard shifts when possible.  She soon teamed up with Luke Pocock (current presenter of Set it Out) for a show called ‘Bad Crumbs’.  The two started hosting L & /O.G together, before she took hold of the wheel as a solo presenter. 

After 3 years of Local and/ or General, Jones is taking her records on an overseas adventures.  She will be greatly missed by all and look forward to hearing her voice on the RRR sound waves upon her return.

Words by Kate Boston Smith. You can subscribe to RRR here.

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Melbourne Music Week 2012. 

Behind the scenes shots at Goblin’s Screening of ‘Susperia’ at ACMI, Federation Square.

Plus Look Stop Shop feat. Barbarion at Platform’s Sticky Institute, Degraves Subway. Flinders St.

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                        Maya Gnyp. In House Producer at Ghost Pictures.

                                      Rainbow Serpent Festival. 2013
                               Every single person at this festival was friendly. 


                                      Rainbow Serpent Festival. 2013

                               Every single person at this festival was friendly. 


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                                             Cathedral Ranges.

                                       Images shot on 35mm Fuji Film

                                Images available in Fine Art Archival Prints.

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                                            Harvest Festival. Melbourne 2012.  

'Serene House of the Placid Hen' installation/ performance in the Secret Garden at Harvest Festival. Created by sisters Jayt Buchanan and Anna Buchanan.

                                Harvest Festival. Melbourne, 2012

   This is a project run by ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

'Bombs No More' is a simple but clever interactive way to raise awareness of the Nuclear weapon issue and encourage discussion within an enjoyable creative environment.

Jon Oldmeadow wandering the docklands preshoot plus Mona Foma ‘Intermission’ publicity shoot.

Intermission was an interactive art installation by artists: Jon Mark Oldmeadow and Rachel Feery for Mona Foma Festival, Hobart TAS 2013.